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Strategic Consultancy
Sandra Navidi
  • Attorney, admitted to practice law in Germany and New York with a focus on international capital markets
  • Consultant, providing macroeconomic analysis and strategic positioning advice
  • Connector to a global network of industry leaders
  • Media commentator on economic matters with over 500 interviews over the past five years
  • Public key-note speaker at large industry events
  • Aspirant author of a book on financial networks
  • Professional evolution from micro to macro: Transitioned from structuring alternative investment products in Germany to rendering legal services as general counsel at a New York investment firm, to investment banking on Wall Street and, finally, providing macro-economic analysis and advice to the financial services sector
  • Value add Combine academic credentials with a broad skill-set across various industries at the interface of international law, finance and the economy with highest level access to an international network of global business leaders and decision-makers
  • https://www.linkedin.com/in/sandranavidi