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Strategic Consultancy

BeyondGlobal provides a portfolio of bespoke strategic-consultancy and economic advisory services helping clients to succeed in a globally networked knowledge economy. Clients of BeyondGlobal include multi-national corporations, financial firms, family offices and ultra-high-net worth entrepreneurs and individuals.

1.Consulting: Macroeconomic Analysis and Geopolitical Mega-trend Analysis 2.Strategic Network Management and Establishment of Network Platforms 3.Career, Networking and EQ Coaching 4.Non-Executive Board Membership 5.Thought Leadership Development 6.Deal Brokering 7.Legal Services / Rechtsberatung 8.Corporate Ambassadorship / Markenbotschafterin 9.Expert Media Commentary / TV und Medien-Kommentierung 10.Public Key-Note Speaking Engagements / Gastreden und Moderation


1. Consulting: Macro-economic and Geopolitical Mega-trend Analysis

In today’s complex, rapidly changing and uncertain world, executives often operate in an echo chamber of homogeneous thinking, which exacerbates tunnel vision and analysis paralysis.

Navidi’s academic background, combined with her on-the-ground experience in international law, finance and macroeconomics, provides her with a meta-level perspective of the financial industry, the economy and politics, which together allow her to identify patterns and uncover otherwise inconspicuous connections. Being an independent “insider-outsider”, unconstrained by cognitive biases, she then casts her insights into a wider context, connects the dots and covers any blind spots. Her analysis is based on information gathered from a variety of sources, including her global network of experts, and on a holistic systems-thinking, non-technical methodology. As the signal among the noise, she helps clients manage risks more effectively, make better decisions, refine growth strategies, capitalize on opportunities, and thus, become the superhubs of their respective industries.

2. Strategic Network Management and Establishment of Network Platforms

In a world where everything can be commoditized and automated, and in which human interactions are increasingly digitized, a deep network of personal relationships is the most exclusive and powerful asset.

To help clients attain a central superhub network position, BeyondGlobal originates, develops, and manages strategic, value-added relationships and draws on Navidi’s own extensively global network to connect people, platforms and organizations to advance their business interests and attain sustainable, measurable results.

Networks need platforms to be able to form, expand, and thrive. Such platforms provide a cocoon for interaction and constructive dialogue as well as sense of community.

In addition to maintaining her own exclusive personal networks, Navidi regularly attends invitation-only conferences such as the World Economic Forum, the meetings of the International Monetary Fund, and private single family office meetings. Using her experiences and observations of how to build superhub platforms, Navidi maps out strategies to help BeyondGlobal clients establish platforms for the development and expansion of networks.

3. Career, Networking and EQ Coaching

Presiding over a portfolio of valuable relationships is the ultimate competitive advantage in our hyper-connected era. As stated in Navidi’s highly acclaimed, bestselling book $uperHubs: How the Financial Elite and Their Networks Rule Our World, “Attraction + Interaction = Transaction: Relational capital creates “network capital”, which maximizes the “return on relationships.”

4. Non-Executive Board Membership

Navidi is available to serve as non-executive board member. Her interdisciplinary expertise coupled with her academic credentials provide her with a solid understanding of a company’s diverse contextuality, risks and opportunities. As an attorney admitted to the German and New York Bar, she is experienced in dealing with complexities such as corporate structures, financial concerns, risk assessment, regulation, due diligence and strategy. She possesses a global network of high caliber relationships, and has written on diversity and ethical standards in corporations.

5. Thought-Leadership Development

Thought-leaders are the recognized foremost authorities in their respective fields. They are influencers, change-agents and game-changers.

BeyondGlobal helps executives and their companies to distinguish themselves through thought-leadership that reflects their values and enhances their brands. BeyondGobal helps position executives as “zeitgeist superhubs” by disrupting existing narratives, formulating innovative premises, fostering creative reasoning, outlining visions and drafting engaging messages which resonate with target audiences.

6. Deal Brokering

Exclusively for a small circle of existing and personally recommended clients, Navidi engages in deal facilitation, including introductions and negotiations.

7. Legal Services / Rechtsberatung

Sandra Navidi is admitted to practice law in Germany and the State of New York. She serves as Counsel to Urban Thier & Federer, where she adds extensive expertise in the areas of alternative investments (hedge funds, private equity funds, real estate funds, loan funds, venture capital, mergers & acquisitions, structured finance), corporate, tax and regulatory law and cross-border business transactions.


Sandra Navidi ist als Rechtsanwältin in den USA (NY) sowie in Deutschland zugelassen. Sie mit der internationalen Wirtschaftskanzlei Urban Thier & Federer assoziiert und verfügt über besondere Expertise auf den Gebieten Alternativer Investments (hedge funds, private equity funds, real estate funds, loan funds, venture capital, mergers & acquisitions, structured finance), Gesellschaftsrecht, Steuer und Aufsichtsrecht sowie grenzüberschreitende Business Transaktionen.

8. Corporate Ambassadorship / Markenbotschafterin

As corporate ambassador Navidi represents clients and renders strategic positioning advice to expand their visibility, footprint and profiles, utilizing her network and media platform.

9. Expert Media Commentary / TV und Medien-Kommentierung

In her capacity as financial expert, Navidi is a sought-after financial and political analyst, having given over 600 interviews to international media outlets on a wide variety of geo-economic and political topics. She has been lauded for her ability to explain complex matters in simple and relatable terms, easily understood by non-expert audiences.

Please direct media inquiries to media@beyond-global.com

10. Public Key-note Speaking Engagements / Gastreden und Moderation

Sandra Navidi is an experienced public speaker, who has key-noted at dozens of industry events with audiences of over 750 people. She speaks on topics such as

  • $uperHubs: How the Financial Elite and their Networks Rule Our World
  • Financial markets
  • Economy: US, Europe, China, Emerging Markets
  • Globalization, elites, inequality and worldwide upheaval
  • Politics: U.S./Trump, European Union, Brexit, global geo-political power shifts
  • Career and networking
  • EQ and soft skills
  • Branding, position and perception management
  • Women: Careers and networking

Please direct inquiries directly to info@beyond-global.com or to any of the speaking bureaus representing Sandra Navidi.


Sandra Navidi ist eine erfahrene Gastrednerin, die auf Dutzenden sowohl kleinerer, als auch großer (von bis zu über 750 Zuhörern) Veranstaltungen, zu Themen Reden gehalten hat wie

  • $uper-hubs: Wie die Finanzelite und ihre Netzwerke die Welt regieren
  • Finanzmärkte
  • Wirtschaft: USA, Europa, China, Schwellenländer
  • Globalisierung: Eliten, Ungleichheit und gesellschaftliche Verwerfungen
  • Politik: U.S.A./Trump, Europäische Union, Brexit, Veränderung geopolitischer
  • Machtverhältnisse
  • Karriere und Netzwerken
  • Emotionale Intelligenz: Wichtigkeit und Training
  • Leadership
  • Motivation
  • Branding, Positionierung und Image Management
  • Frauen: Karriere und Netzwerken

Bitte schicken Sie Anfragen direkt an info@beyond-global.com, oder wenden Sie sich an eine der hier aufgeführten Redneragenturen, die Sandra Navidi vertreten.